I’m an ex-journalist and self described “communications professional” — which simply means I get paid to help people communicate. I’m from Stratford, Ontario (yes, I saw a lot of plays), where I grew up always exposed to and interested in politics. So interested, in fact, that I ended up becoming a journalist who mostly covered politics, business and sustainability. I did that for over 10 years, moving between Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. My last media job was as a writer/producer on CBC’s The National.

As a journalist, I often thought that many politicians, governments and interest groups were poor communicators. I thought that I could do better. I got the chance to put my money where my mouth was and work for the Dalton McGuinty government. I did political communications for a few years, then moved to China (a long story) and ended up working for a big multinational PR company. That led to my next job: heading up the communications functions for a renewable energy company — first in China, and then in Europe. Now, I’m back in Toronto and working on the next step of my career.

What else? I’m in my mid-40s. I’m married with no kids, pets or cars. I try to play as much soccer as I can before my body gives in, I like to get around on my bike and I can’t ever turn down cheese.

You can reach me at: andrewhilton2003@yahoo.ca