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I have yet to read, hear or see any reasonable justification of why I am subject to a barrage of news coverage on the new pope.

Of particular concern to me is the CBC, and the National (full disclosure: I worked for the National for several years as a writer), which has sent Peter Mansbridge to Rome. Why is the CBC spending newsgathering money hosting the top of the show from the Vatican? I can see the private broadcasters decamping to Rome, but this reflexive blanket coverage – “CBC News was first on the scene with coverage of this historical event!” – has no place at the public broadcaster. At the very least, host it from Toronto and save your limited budget for a real news event.

Breathless accounts of the conclave, the machinations of backroom negotiations and the devout assembled at Vatican are not relevant to me as a viewer. I could not care at all whether the guy from Quebec threw his support to the South American delegation. I am not remotely interested in vague speculation on whether the new pope will suddenly transform the Catholic Church into a service organization for the world’s poor. The media village at the Vatican? Not a story.

Tell me why the new pope is important to me. Tell me why it should matter to me. Tell me what you know about the new pope or what he will do that is relevant or different from past popes – without speculating. If not, please move on and get to some real news.